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Akulov Professor Vladimir Akulov is a member of the Physics Department of New York City College of Technology, CUNY. Professor Akulov is famous for his influential contribution in the field of high-energy physics, and especially for his pioneering work on supersymmetry and supergravity and their applications to the unified theory of fundamental interactions of elementary particles. Supersymmetry, in which for every particle there is a superpartner, is a necessary ingredient in string theory, which scientists hope will unlock one of the biggest mysteries of the universe -- how gravity and quantum physics fit together.

Akulov was born in Ukrainian city Uzhgorod on October 10, 1944. After he graduated from Kharkov State University (Kharkov, Ukraine) in 1968, he began to work at the Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology as a research assistant at the Department of Theoretical Physics under the supervision of eminent Professor Dmitry Volkov.

In 1973, Akulov defended his Ph.D. in theoretical physics at the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Kiev with Dmitry Volkov serving as his thesis adviser. In 1987 he obtained the degree of Doctor of Science from Kharkov State University.

Akulov came to the USA in 1997 and since that time he works at the City University of New York. In 2005 he joined the Physics Department of New York City College of Technology.

In 2009, Prof. Akulov was named Ukraine National Prize Laureate in Science and Technology for his contribution in the field of high-energy physics. His current research activities are mainly devoted to the study of the brane dynamics, differential non-commutative geometry and extended supersymmetric quantum mechanics.


Left: Vladimir Akulov presents his results at the Institute for High-Energy Physics in Protvino, 1979. Center and Right: Akulov at the conference on high-energy physics in Kharkov, 1985. A group of pioneers of supersymmetry is seen - Volkov, Golfand, Soroka, Ogievetsky, Pashnev.

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