Physics Competition Fall 2015

Dear Students,

The Center for Theoretical Physics and the Physics Department invite you to participate in City Tech’s Physics Competition!

You solve physics problems. You win prize money. Last year, $700 in prize money was distributed among five students, just like you!

  • The competition will consist of two rounds.
  • In the first round, you will solve a set of problems at home.
    • You can use books and calculators. However, you must work alone.
    • You submit your solutions online through this site by uploading a file.
  • The students who pass the first round will be invited to participate in the second round, which will consist of solving problems in a classroom. The winners of this round will receive prize money.

The competition is open to any enrolled City Tech student. The problems do not require knowledge of calculus.

You may pick one of two competition tracks: mechanics or electromagnetism -- or participate in both!

Good Luck!

Evaluation of your work

All work must be shown in your submission. Your solutions will be evaluated based on the work and not just the final answer.

Work Submission

To submit your work use "Submit Your Solution" menu item in the left panel.


This year, your solutions must be submitted by November 1st, 2015, see "Important Dates" menu item for the timeline. Our solutions of the problems will be published on this web site a few days after the submission deadline.

The Second Round

The second round will be held in November 2015. Please see "Important Dates" for more details. Only students who are selected from the first round will take part in the second round.

Contact Us

If you have any question, contact us via email: