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Limiting Magnitude (5σ)

GALEXgalex_1500: galex_2500:
HST-opticalF435W: F606W: F775W: F814W: F850LP:
HST-UVF225W: F275W: F336W:
HST-NIRF098M: F105W: F125W: F140W: F160W:
JohnsonU: B: V: R: I:
SDSSu: g: r: i: z:
2MASSJ: H: Ks:

Additional Systematic Error [0.1 = 10%, optional]:

Note: SSP (starburst) star formation may not be used with Age = 2 Gyr (most light is gone for a burst after 2 Gyr)

Star Formation: Age: Dust: Redshift:

Mass/109 Msun:

ln(age) prior (optional):

Marginalize over:     Age:    Mass:    Dust:

Show Matrix results:     Fisher Matrix:    Covariance Matrix:

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